Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ferrero Rocher Cake.

Years back when I was in Sydney, I came across this absolutely divine cake composed of hazelnuts and Nutella, where every esctatic bite was like a divine revelation. And then, I wondered whether it was possible to recreate a similar flavor?
Picture 4 layers of hazelnut cake, brushed with vanilla syrup, filled with fresh chocolate cream and crushed ferrero rochers and wafers, glazed with an indulgent rich nutella and cream frosting.
I did this cake for my sis' birthday and added far too much cream to the nutella so my frosting was literally dripping off the cake and that happened when i was coating the sides of the cake with white chocolate bits. I had to scrape off the drippy mess and I decided to press crushed saviordi biscuits to the sides to stabilise the already very soft cake... hmmm.. remind me not to add too much cream next time.
I wanted to do some white chocolate plastique but for some reason, the chocolate seized up tonight... well, well sometimes the stars are all aligned against you.

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