Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ispahan Cake.


Ispahan refers to the combination of flavours (lychee, raspberry and rose) that was invented by French pastry great, Pierre Herme.
Making this cake was not too difficult but time-comsuming as the raspberry and lychee gel layers and the rose mousse has to be made separately and assembled. I wish I could get rosewater in Brunei; the ones in the shops here are the artificial type and the last one I bought had such a dreadful synthetic taste that I promptly chucked it in the bin! I should have bought more rosewater when I was in Melbourne.
The buds you see are dried rosebuds. Now you really want to get the ones which are organic and can be eaten; health food shops should carry them and no, don't use the ones in potpourri.. ick.

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