Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gateau Des Iles - Island Cake.

This delicious cake, reminiscent of the tropics, combines the flavors of coconut and banana.
$50 for a 9 inch cake.

individual cheesecakes.

These entremet rings that I got in Melbourne come in so handy for making these cute individual cheesecakes.

Mini cheeseCakes - $5.50 each.


There are chocolate cakes. And then there are CHOCOLATE cakes where just one tinny bite is guaranteed to make any chocoholic drop to their knees in a faint.
This cake features layers of moist devils' food cake frosted with dark chocolate ganache. When working with chocolate, always go for the most expensive one you can afford as it really does make a difference to the taste.
Death by Chocolate now for sale at $65 for a nine inch cake.