Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Tart.

I've been meaning to make a salted caramel dessert sometime lately but just didn't have the guts because making caramel involves cooking sugar and I don't have a candy thermometer and the last few attempts I had at making fudge and praline burned badly on the stove and the kitchen smelled a real mess.
I've been meaning to get a Thermopen thermometer said to be the most accurate on the market, but it's US$96 .. eek. Anyone who wants to send me a Christmas pressie is most welcome ;)
Anyway, back to this tart. I adapted the recipe briefly from I used a pate brisee base with a little cocoa powder; that was simpler to do. As for the sugar, I cooked it extremely slowly and watched it until it turned a light red-brown (as a cook suggested doing) before adding the butter and cream mixture. There was supposed to be only 3 g of salt in the recipe but by mistake, I added 15 g of salt! So my first batch of salted caramel was tossed into the bin.
This is a really divine tart, a great combination of flavors and definitely a keeper! If you've not tried salted caramel before, let me tell you it's one of those things I can eat any minute of the day hehe..

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