Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Menu.


Deluxe – ($4.80 for 120 gm tin.)

1. Dark Chocolate Chunk - chunks of premium dark Swiss chocolate in every bite.

2. M and M's -. Buttery dough with crushed almonds and studded with M and M's.

3. Toffee Butter Nut - Flecks of chewy toffee in every bite with sprinkled chopped almonds for an extra crunch.

4. White Chocolate Oatmeal - Crisp on the outside, with white chocolate bits and sea salt sprinkles.

5. Sunrise - Oatmeal and fresh coconut with oodles of raisins, apricots and cashew nuts.

Chocolate Decadence - ($6.50 for a 120 gm tin)

80% of this cookie batter has been made from the finest quality chocolate, resulting in a cookie that is extremely soft and luxuriously moist on the inside.

1. Dark Sin - spiked with chilli powder, dark chocolate chunks and roasted pecans.

2. Triple Chocolate (2)* - This second version of triple chocolate cookie utilises the same base as dark sin.

3. Snow White - white chocolate base, with dried lavender/rose petals and flaked almonds.

Specialty Filled - ($9.50 for a tin of 120 gm)

These luxurious shortbread cookies are made with fresh nuts and sandwiched with ganache.

1. Hazelnut Overload - hazelnut rounds with Nutella and dark chocolate ganache.

2. Green Dreams - pistachio rounds with an aromatic basil and lemon ganache.

3. Almond Angel - almond rounds with an orange and vanilla bean ganache.

Big and Soft Cookies ($2 per cookie, minimum of 8 pieces per order, 15% off on more than 10 pieces)

1. Double Dark Chocolate Chunk – Dark Molasses scented dough with 50% and 70% dark chocolate chunks.

2. Merry Lemon – lemons, white chocolate bits and pistachio nuts.

3. Festive – oranges, cranberries, dark chocolate chunks and macadamia nibs.

4. Triple Chocolate – the ultimate decadence with white, milk and dark chocolate pieces.

Crisp Cookies ($6.80 per 120 gm tin)

1. Ocha Ocha – Japanese matcha green tea, lemons, cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

2. Sunshine – Earl grey tea leaves, pistachio nuts with tea glaze.

NB - *Minimum of 2 tins of a similar cookie per order.

The Background Story.

Seriously Cookies was started because of my penchant for delicious cookies. I love to create sweet things but my focus has always been on cookies. It was also started as an alternative to the dreadful mass market sub-standard cookies that are on sale out there. My Cookies are baked in the soft and chewy tradition (unless otherwise stated) and using the highest grade ingredients like 100% pure butter (never planta or margerine), organic oats, organic unrefined sugars, quality Swiss chocolates and the freshest nuts. And I never skimp on ingredients which justifies the slightly higher than normal price tag. You will get a mouthful of goodness in every bite! :)
Seriously Cookies. Life's too short. Eat a real cookie :)

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